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As one of the most popular selections, this film is

3 - 5 minutes long that captures the sweetest parts throughout the entire day. It is then pieced together into a beautiful short film sharing the best moments of your wedding.

Every couple has the ability to look back fifty years from now to watch a film that shows the entire ceremony of their wedding. This film expresses the heart of the couple by being able to view the entire ceremony over and over again.

This film encapsulates more intimate moments shared throughout the wedding day of the couple. Its heart contains shots filmed that are more personal that were not released in the highlight reel. The duration of this film can range from 6 - 10 minutes long depending on each wedding day. 

This film is all about telling the love story between you and your fiancé. Either together or separate, each spouse will share their heart and love for one another.


Whether it's how they met, their first kiss, or a sweet story, the couple has the ability to express how they truly feel. The film's time duration is determined by each couples kind words and stories.


A true gift as the couple sits down to watch one another express how much they both care for each other.


  • Videos included: Highlight Reel + Ceremony

  • (2) Videographers

  • Drone Footage

  • 7 Hours Work (Cut Off at 9PM)


  • Videos included: Highlight Reel, Ceremony, + The Exclusive Wedding Video

  • (2) Videographers

  • Drone Footage

  • 7 Hours Work (Cut Off at 9PM)

 Additional Wedding Costs & Information 

* We require a Non-Refundable 20% Retainer Fee to reserve the date.

* The remainder of the package total can be paid: Any time before (OR) Two Weeks Before the Wedding.


For all wedding packages, only contract 7 hours.

In addition, we only film to 9:00 PM for all packages.


Once completed, the footage will be placed on a flash drive which is then packaged into a box and mailed to the Bride and Groom.

Please give HOMEMADE: THE WALLACE FAMILY (10-15) weeks  to complete the package including an additional (2) weeks to receive it.


We charge $100 if 100 miles away from Memphis, TN. 

If travel is longer, an additional $50 will added every 100 miles into the cost. 



If the wedding takes place (3) hours away from Memphis, TN, the cost of (1) hotel

room will be added onto your package.